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Price-Fixing is formal or informal arrangments made verbally or through writing to:

  • Limit the supply of goods or services
  • Remove the publication of the prices of goods or services
  • Never offer discounts for goods and services
  • Create a set value for discounts on goods and services
  • Decide the prices of goods or services using a premade formula or calculation
  • Change or alter the prices of goods or services

Price-Fixing is essentially any altering of prices that interferes with competition. This stifling of competition causes the natural supply and demand to lose its bearing on the price of goods and services. When this happens, consumers are forced to pay inflated prices for goods and services that are not based on the supply and demand for those goods and services.

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Price Fixing can cause businesses huge losses and negatively impact the livelihood of the owners of those businesses. The businesses themselves can even fail due to price-fixing by other businesses in that industry.

On top of the implications for businesses, Price Fixing also has huge impacts on the consumers themselves. Price Fixing causes inflated prices for goods and services that they use every day. This can force people to overpay for the things they need to live. It can even cause people to lose access to necessities.

As one of the most common violations of antitrust laws, anyone can fall prey to Price Fixing. If you have fallen victim to a price-fixing violation, call Attorney Michael J. Petro at 312-913-1111 to get the antitrust legal service you need.

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