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Michael J. Petro is the highest-rated criminal defense attorney in St Petersburg, FL and the Tampa area! Attorney Michael J Petro is the attorney you can trust for criminal representation. He has over 30 years of expertise representing Tampa and the neighboring areas. Attorney Petro has successfully helped defend clients charged with crimes from firearm possession, drug possession, to violent crimes. Our firm is happy to go to great lengths to assist you in preparing the strongest overall defense for your specific case and circumstances. Please contact the Law Office of Michael J. Petro now for a consultation! Our law firm will help find the best course of action for your case.

Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm Near Me

If you have been charged with a federal crime here in St. Petersburg, Michael Petro can assist you in constructing a compelling and effective defense for your case. Our team has a long history of effectively defending these cases. Our Tampa, FL law office has the knowledge, experience, and resources to properly represent you and defend your innocence. A felony charge on the federal level can have major consequences for you – It can affect your freedom, livelihood, and overall mental health. You can trust a federal defense attorney in St. Petersburg, FL who has a 5-Star rating and has the knowledge, skill, and commitment to assist you obtain best possible outcome for your specific case.

St. Petersburg’s Top-Rated Drug Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a drug offense in St. Petersburg, you will want the best legal representation possible. Michael J. Petro has the skills, expereince, and knowledge to help you get the best possible result in your case. Whether you’ve been charged with cannabis possession or with any other illegal substance such as amphetamines, opiods, prescription drus, or even cocaine, you can count on our office to help you. Our office has dealt with drug trafficking and distribution allegations in both federal and state courts. Getting in touch with the Law Office of Michael Petro as soon as possible will help you significantly if you have been charged with a drug violation either at the state or federal level. Our firm will make sure you get the the best possible legal representation for your drug charges in the St. Petersburg, FL area.

Firearm Possession Defense Attorney

If you are accused of illegally possessing a weapon or firearm, you could face serious criminal charges here in the Tampa area. Your first objective should be to choose the top weapons defense attorney in St. Petersburg, FL. Michael J. Petro has years of experience defending people who have been charged of illegally possessing a firearm. Attorney Petro can help you understand Florida’s gun laws and restrictions. Michael Petro and his office will work relentlessly to make sure you have a strong and convincing defense for your case.

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney in St. Petersburg

Manslaughter, domestic violence, assault, rape and homicide are all examples of violent crimes. In serious circumstances like these, our law firm in St. Petersburg, FL has the skills and resources to establish a solid case to prove your innocence. It is vital that you contact Michael J. Petro now for any allegations of assault, battery, robbery, or sexual assault, as well as any other violent state or federal criminal crimes! We’ll talk about your case and figure out the best way to help you prove your innocence. Get in touch with our Tampa, FL office right away to schedule your consultation.

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