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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tinley Park, IL

With more 30 years of experience representing Chicago and the surrounding area, Michael J. Petro is the criminal defense attorney you can trust for the city of Tinley Park and the State of Illinois. He has successfully defended individuals who have been accused of varying offenses, such as drug charges, firearm and weapon offenses, and even violent crimes. We will stop at nothing to help you prepare the best defense for your specific circumstances. Do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Michael J. Petro for consultation about your case and what your next steps should be.

Top Federal Defense Lawyer Near Me

Federal crimes have serious consequences and Michael J. Petro can assist you in creating a convincing and valuable defense if you have been charged with a federal crime. Our office has a robust reputation for defending these cases and having the understanding and expertise to properly represent you and fight for your innocence. Getting charged with a federal crime can have serious negative implications for your freedom, job, and well being. Put your trust in the federal criminal defense attorney in Tinley Park with a 5-Star rating and the experience, skill, and passion to put in the effort for the best result possible.

Drug Defense Lawyer in Tinley Park, IL

If you have been charged with drug charges in Tinley Park, you need the best possible representation. Michael J. Petro has the experience and skills that you require to help win your case. Whether you are charged with possession of marijuana, or any other illicit substances such as opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, prescription drugs; you trust us to provide you with the absolute best help. Our law office also has experience in dealing with distribution and trafficking charges in state and federal courts. So, if you have been charged with state or federal drug charge, contact the Law Office of Michael J. Petro immediately for the best representation in Tinley Park, IL.

Gun Possession Defense Attorney

Being accused of illegal possession of a gun or firearm can result in substantial criminal charges. Making sure you have the correct defense attorney for gun charges is a top priority. Attorney Michael Petro has years of experience defending individuals that have been charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Mr. Petro can aid you in understanding weapons laws for the State of Illinois and will put in the effort to help you build an effective defense.

Tinley Park, IL Robbery, Assault & Other Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Assault and battery, domestic violence, and murder can all be categorized as a violent crime. Our office has the experience and is equipped with the necessary tools to build an effectual case to advocate for your innocence in critical cases such as these. Contact Michael J. Petro today to go over your case and find the best course of action for your assault, battery, and domestic violence charges, or any other violent criminal charges both state and federal.

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