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Representing Chicago for over 30 years, Attorney Michael J. Petro has the experience and expertise to help defend your innocence in any Domestic Violence case and will help you in being educated and understanding the process and implications of the charges you might be facing.

When domestic violence arises, many people dial 911 and contact the police hoping that they will “calm” the situation that is at hand. Instead of calming the situation down, they might find themselves or their loved one being arrested. Domestic violence circumstances can also be made worse and more complicated when children are present, which is less than ideal with the presence of law enforcement. Oftentimes the party who called 911 or is making the allegations does not actually want to press charges and have the person prosecuted. When you find yourself in a situation like this you will need an attorney that has the experience and wherewithal to educate you and fight for your innocence.

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An individual who is arrested on family violence charges can be facing a volatile and tumultuous time that can cause strife and alienation within their family. A matter such as this can interrupt their career, affect relationships with their children, or even permanently damage parts of their life. It is often that domestic violence charges will go directly to trial. This can be regardless of whether the alleged victim even wants to prosecute. Prosecutors can show no mercy when it comes to levying charges against the desires of the supposed victim.

To put it simply, family violence charges are very serious. If you are accused of domestic violence, it is paramount that you seek and secure the services of Chicago family violence attorney Michael Petro. Failing to do so could result in life-changing punishments and consequences.

If you are arrested on family violence charges, you need assistance from an attorney who is knowledgeable about all state and federal laws and who has experience with the Illinois court system. Call Attorney Michael J. Petro at 312-913-1111 for the legal assistance you need.

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