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Michael Petro can assist you in mounting a strong and effective defense if you’ve been charged with a federal offense, such as committing a criminal act on federal government property or breaking US laws. Racketeering and mail fraud, for example, may be considered as federal offenses since they cross state lines. As a federal defense attorney, Michael Petro has considerable experience with grand jury hearings and a solid understanding of legal issues relevant to criminal defense in federal court.

Most criminal prosecutions that happen in Chicago are carried out in Illinois state courts. Individuals must also be aware that they can be charged under federal laws, no matter the state, and can then be tried in the federal court system. Federal charges are typically brought forth for claimed activities that have occurred across state lines. These charges can include drug trafficking, mail fraud, wire fraud & more. Federal criminal charges also apply to acts that will always be federal crimes, which can include bank robberies or even federal hate crimes. Additionally, some crimes will be subject to prosecution under both state and federal laws.

If you have been indicted for a federal crime, you may be subject to severe penalties that could include immense fines and time in prison. Organizing a convincing and effectual federal criminal defense is imperative for advocating for your innocence. Attorney Michael J. Petro has more than 30 years of experience to help you fight your federal charges. For the absolute best defense in Chicago do not hesitate in contacting Michael J. Petro.

State and Federal Court Systems

For those who have been charged with crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction, it is paramount that you work with a top federal criminal defense lawyer to make sure that you get the best outcome possible. Federal criminal trials vary drastically from the ones that happen at the state level. This even includes the fact that federal judges are appointed for life from the current President of the United States. Agents from the DEA and FBI, among other U.S. agencies, investigate federal crimes.

Penalties can vary greatly for federal offenses and can tend to be much more severe than those at the state level. Federal sentencing guidelines exist and most federal judges follow them. Even still, the law allows federal judges a considerable amount of flexibility in sentencing defendants. Judges have the ability to consider factors such as prior criminal record to issue a sentence.

If incarceration is part of your sentencing, those convicted of federal crimes may serve time in federal prisons. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need to understand that the federal government has a multitude of resources at its disposal to build a case against you. Michael J. Petro has built a long and trusted record of successfully defending individuals who have been charged with federal crimes.

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