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How Do I Find My Zoom Code For Chicago Court/Cook County Court?

Click The Links Below To Access Cook County & Chicago Courts Zoom Codes:

* Skokie criminal misdemeanor and felony zoom codes

* Bridgeview criminal misdemeanor and felony zoom codes

* 26th and California criminal courthouse zoom codes

* Daley Center zoom codes for traffic tickets and DUIs

* Maywood criminal misdemeanor and felony info (no zoom codes yet)

* 555 W Harrison zoom codes domestic violence and orders of protection

* Rolling Meadows criminal misdemeanor and felony zoom codes

* Markham criminal misdemeanor and felony zoom codes

Appearing in Court via Zoom

Appearing in court on zoom is new and confusing for everyone. Here are some tips to successfully appear in your court case:

* Always keep your phone or computer on mute. To be sure that any background noise cannot be heard, this should always be your default setting.

* You are the only person who should appear on zoom for your case. No one else should watch on-screen, appear for you, or zoom in to watch along with you.

*Remember that this is still real court and you should be respectful and attentive. Try to go to a separate room away from pets, children, or any other loud distractions.

* Your name on your zoom “settings” should always be your real name. The judge should be able to tell who to let into the zoom courtroom. Many clients do not know that if you are using zoom on your cell phone, your name might appear incorrectly as “Phone 8.” 

* Be respectful of everyone’s time. If you wouldn’t appear in physical court in your pajamas or freshly out of bed, do not do the same for zoom court cases.

* Speak to your a lawyer in advance, and do not talk to the judge directly or ask questions unless you have been instructed to do so. Your lawyer should answer all of your questions. You can seriously hurt the credibility of your case if you speak out out-of-turn, argue, or try to chat with the judge. Overall, remember that while zoom court is new and takes place in your home, be respectful and follow the rules of the regular courtroom. 

Michael Petro’s Guide to Chicago Court Zoom Codes