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Top Rated Domestic Violence Attorney Michael J. Petro will defend your Constitutional Rights against Domestic Violence charges.  All too often, people dial 911 hoping the police will calm the situation down. Instead, the police arrest a loved one. Usually, Domestic Violence charges are amplified because children are present. In addition, the person accused of Domestic Violence is not allowed to live at home.  Also, the Judge can enter an Order not allowing you to have contact with your children.  As you can see, domestic violence charges are very complicated.  You need a top-rated Domestic Violence Attorney Michael J. Petro to fight for your innocence!

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Individuals arrested on Family Violence charges face a stormy future.  Usually, Family Violence charges cause strife and alienation within the family. Further, Domestic Violence charges hurt careers and damage relationships with relatives and children.  In addition, Domestic Violence charges frequently go to trial. You need a top-rated Domestic Violence Attorney on your side from the get-go.  This is regardless of whether the alleged victim wants to prosecute or not. And, prosecutors can show no mercy when it comes to convicting citizens accused of domestic violence.

In short, family violence charges are very serious.  Attorney Petro’s trial skills will help you save your family.  Attorney Petro’s negotiating skills will save your family.   If you are accused of domestic violence, call top-rated Domestic Violence Attorney Michael Petro immediately. Failing to do so will result in life-changing punishments and consequences.

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