Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Michael J. Petro

28 Years Experience Federal and State Courts

Chicago criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro  has earned a reputation for providing aggressive, high quality legal representation in the Chicago Dirksen Federal Courthouse and the Chicago, Cook County, Illinois  State Courts.  If you are in trouble with Federal or local law enforcement, CALL NOW!   312-913-1111

Federal Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago federal criminal defense attorney Michael J. Petro has tremendous experience in the Chicago Dirksen Federal Court House.  He has represented people in the Northern District of Illinois charged with Possessing and Distributing Drugs and Controlled Substances, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Money Laundering, Structuring, Currency Reporting Violations, Extortion, Gun Possession and Trafficking, Conspiracy, RICO Violations, Tax Offenses, Immigration Offenses, Public Corruption, Embezzlement, Software and Copyright Violations, Internet Solicitation, Illegal Pornography Possession and Distribution, Bank Robbery, Detention Hearings and Supervised Release Violations.  Fight back!  CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Michael J. Petro has significant experience interacting and negotiating with the United States’ Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Illinois.  Michael J. Petro is highly knowledgeable in the United States’ Sentencing Guidelines.  His hard work and experience has saved citizens from so much time in prison.  Protect your freedom! CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Chicago criminal defense attorney Michael J. Petro has tremendous experience in Criminal and Civil  Asset Forfeiture and Citations to Discover Assets.  His knowledge and efforts have saved citizens so much money and property from seizure.  Protect your Assets! CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Illinois Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago criminal defense attorney Michael J. Petro has significant experience in the Chicago, Cook County, Illinois State Courts.  He has represented individuals charged with Possession and Distribution of Controlled Substances, Unlawful Use of a Weapons, Gun Possession, Murder, Aggravated Battery, Armed Robbery, Assault and Battery, Sex Charges, Theft, Forgery, Domestic Violence, Orders of Protection. Felonies, Misdemeanors, Violations of Probation, DUI/DWI, Traffic Offenses, Solicitation of Prostitution, Bond Hearings and Preliminary Hearings. For Chicago’s best defense! CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Michael J. Petro has represented many doctors, physicians, nurses and other health care providers that must appear before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  If you are a Doctor or Nurse and you need help, CALL IMMEDIATELY! 312-913-1111

Seventh Circuit Appeals

Criminal appeals attorney Michael J. Petro has filed so many briefs and argued so many cases in Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals at the Chicago Dirksen Federal Court House.   Federal Attorney Michael J. Petro has won numerous reversals, new trials and new sentencing hearings in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Win your Seventh Circuit Appeal!  CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Grand Jury Subpoenas

Michael J. Petro has represented hundreds of individuals subpoenaed by Federal and Illinois Grand Juries. Whether the subpoena is for business records, personal documents or grand jury testimony. Call Michael J. Petro immediately to get experienced legal advice that will help you protect your freedom and assets. If you receive a Grand Jury Subpoena, CALL Attorney Petro! 312-913-1111


Criminal attorney Michael J. Petro has represented a tremendous number of persons and businesses being investigated by the FBI, DEA, ATF, Homeland Security, US Postal Inspector’s, US Treasury, US Secret Service, US Department of Justice, IRS, SEC, US Inspector’s General, Chicago Police Department, Illinois State Police, Illinois Attorney General’s and Numerous Local Illinois Police Agencies.  If you are being investigated, CALL MIKE! 312-913-1111

Grand Jury Subpoenas

Call attorney Michael J. Petro immediately if you have been illegally mistreated by the Chicago Police Department.  Michael J. Petro has helped victims of Chicago Police Department misconduct receive money awards for False Arrest, Unlawful Search and Seizure, Excessive Force, Police Shootings, Police Brutality and Malicious Prosecution. To make the police pay!  CALL NOW! 312-913-1111

Commitment To Excellence

Michael J. Petro, criminal defense attorney in Chicago, is committed to providing excellence in defending his clients’ rights.  He is dedicated to ensuring positive results for his clients.