Tampa criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro, has proven himself to be an accomplished attorney for over twenty-eight years. Criminal defense lawyer Michael J. Petro’s areas of practice are backed by an impressive track record of successful representation. For details about recent court cases, please see Press Releases.

Whether a tax offense or a domestic violence charge, criminal lawyer, Michael J. Petro, provides every client with the highest quality legal representation.

Tampa criminal attorney, Michael J. Petro’s unrelenting approach and determination offer his clients a real advantage in the toughest of circumstances.


  • Criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro, has represented individuals in Federal Appeals, Illinois State Appeals, Federal Habeas Corpus, and Illinois Post Conviction Cases.

Investigations and Grand Jury Subpoenas

  • Criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro, has assisted clients being investigated by the FBI, DEA, ATF, Homeland Security, US Postal Inspectors, US Treasury and Secret Service, US Department of Justice, IRS, SEC, US Inspector’s General, Chicago/Tampa Police Department, Illinois State Police, Illinois Attorney General’s and Numerous Local Illinois Police Agencies. Criminal defense attorney Michael J. Petro has represented numerous individuals subpoenaed by Federal and Illinois Grand Juries.

Civil Rights

  • Police misconduct from excessive force to unlawful arrest. If you have been wrongfully injured by a police officer, CALL ME!

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