Computers have been a crucial component of our daily life for many years. It is not surprising that computer crimes have increased significantly over the past thirty years as computers have practically become widespread. But what exactly qualifies as a cybercrime?

Simply stated, a crime is considered a cybercrime if it’s carried out using a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The global reach of the internet allows for the possibility of all forms of online crime. Cybercrimes are a severe issue for both federal and state law enforcement. In the twenty-first century, virtually anyone could inadvertently commit or even be falsely accused of a federal, state, or local misdemeanor or criminal cybercrime. Florida’s cybercrime laws cover all forms of illicit online behavior, including hacking, identity theft, and fraud and forgery.

Cybercrime Defense Law Firm Near Me

Someone using a computer in Florida could, for instance, post retaliation pornography of someone in Georgia, solicit sex from a minor in New York, or steal intellectual property from a business in California. You could even be falsely charged with such crimes. Other types of cybercrime include soliciting minors, downloading or uploading child pornography, violating digital copyrights, using stolen credit cards or bank accounts, engaging in phishing attacks, and even stealing intellectual property or other data.

The legal system is still learning how to navigate the novel and uncharted realm of cyber crimes. Defense attorneys sometimes lack experience with the cases they take on, and prosecutors are sometimes misled by investigators and police officers. The Office of Michael J Petro has the experience and expertise in developing defenses against online sex crimes, identity fraud, computer fraud, piracy, and other offenses.

Have You Been Accused of a Cybercrime in the Tampa Area?

Your emails, texts, and social media accounts will be reviewed if you are accused of an internet crime and your phone and computer will be searched . Florida’s prosecutors can be unexpectedly aggressive, especially when it comes to cases of cybercrime involving a minor, sex, and the internet.

Cybercrimes are rigorously prosecuted by U.S. attorneys as well. When individuals from different states are involved in an online crime, it is typically a violation of a federal statute, and criminal charges may be brought against the suspect or suspects in a federal court. Because the evidence was discovered on their computer hard drive, some individuals have been falsely accused of Internet sex crimes or other crimes.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a lawyer in the Tampa area that knows what is required to present the strongest defense for your case. We look into potential instances of malware, “bots,” or unauthorized use of our client’s internet. Our law firm is prepared to tackle the numerous Internet-related and computer-related offenses and we will offer clever and tenacious defense for your case. Call our Tampa, FL office right away if you are looking to schedule your consultation if you have been accused of an internet or cybercrime.