If you’ve been charged with a federal offense, such as conducting a criminal act on federal government property or breaking US laws, Michael Petro can help you mount a strong and effective defense. Criminal acts that cross state lines, such as racketeering and mail fraud, might be classified as federal offenses. Michael Petro has extensive expertise with grand jury proceedings and a thorough understanding of legal issues relating to criminal defense in federal court as a federal defense attorney.

The majority of criminal cases in Tampa are handled by Florida state courts. Individuals must also be aware that, regardless of where they live, they can be charged under federal laws and tried in federal court. Typically, federal charges are made for suspected activities that occurred across state lines. Mail fraud, drug trafficking, and wire fraud, among others are examples of what can be considered a federal crime. Acts that will always be federal crimes, such as bank robberies or federal hate crimes, are likewise subject to federal criminal prosecution. In addition, some offenses will be prosecuted both under state and federal laws.

If you’ve been charged with a federal offense, you could face harsh penalties such as large fines and prison time. It’s critical to put together a convincing and effective federal criminal defense if you want to prove your innocence. Attorney Michael Petro has over 30 years of experience and can help you defend your federal charges. For the best federal criminal defense here in Tampa, call Attorney Michael J. Petro today.

What Would Be Considered A Federal Crime?

Crimes that most people will be accused of, like assault or burglary are typically charged at the state level. Federal crimes are limited to crime that pertain to national interest and crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction, such as:

  • Take place on federal land or federally owned property.
  • Concern federal law enforcement agencies or offices.
  • Involve an FDIC Insured Bank.
  • Pertain to immigration violations.
  • Involve victims over state lines, for example cyber crimes/internet crimes, wire fraud or mail fraud.
  • Involve criminal behavior across state lines, such as, kidnapping or sex trafficking.

Federal crimes may occur on Florida State owned property, or they can even take on privately owned property as well. If the crime pertains to matters in which the federal government has interest, you may be charged at the federal level and will need to consult a federal criminal defense attorney.

The federal government has significant resources that it can an will use to build a case against you, which is why it is extremely important for you to consult a qualified federal defense attorney in Tampa, FL as soon as possible. Attorney Michael J. Petro has a track record of successfully defending federal criminal defense clients, don’t hesitate to call now if you’ve been charged with any federal crimes.

Federal & State Court Systems

If you have been charged with a crime that falls under federal jurisdiction, it is critical that you engage with a top federal criminal defense lawyer to get the best possible outcome. Federal criminal trials differ significantly from those held at the state level. The fact that federal judges are appointed for life by the current President of the United States is indicative of this. Federal offenses are investigated by agents from the DEA, FBI, and other U.S. agencies.

Federal offenses can carry a wide range of penalties, many of which are far more severe than state-level offences. There are federal sentencing guidelines in place, and most federal courts adhere to them. Even so, the statute gives federal courts a lot of leeway when it comes to sentencing defendants. When deciding on a sentence, judges can take into account things such as a prior criminal record.

Those convicted of federal offenses may serve time in federal prisons if incarceration is part of their sentence. If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, you should be aware that the government has a plethora of resources at its disposal to build a case against you. Michael J. Petro has a long and reputable track record of successfully defending people that have been charged with a federal crime. If you have charged here in the Tampa area, give Attorney Petro a call today.