New Chicago Unit Investigating Healthcare Fraud Violations

A new federal investigative unit will prosecute defendants for a variety of crimes related to health care fraud in Illinois. The Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois recently announced that the new unit will pursue many different types of alleged health care fraud perpetrators, including medical providers who falsify records to justify expensive treatments and participate in fraudulent billing. Joel R. Levin, the Acting U.S. Attorney, noted that private insurers and Medicare lose millions of dollars annually …
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Writ of Coram Nobis – Boilerplate Rules You Need to Know

US v. Brian Wilkozek, No. 15-1537.    In 2003 Brian Wilkozek pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud for his participation in a mortgage-fraud scheme. By the time the third-party lenders uncovered the scheme, all they could do was foreclose and sell the properties. They suffered losses of more than $700,000.     After Wilkozek was caught and pleaded guilty, he was ordered to pay restitution to the victims—namely, the thirdparty mortgage lenders. That restitution went unpaid, so the government asked the district …
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U.S.S.G. § 2B1.1 Loss Amount: Money Paid Back to Victim Before Fraud Detected NOT Counted

US v. Christian Peterson.  No. 14-3716. Before running into legal trouble, Christian Peterson, an entrepreneur doing business in Madison, Wisconsin, owned several manufacturing and realestate development firms. He misused corporate finances, frequently making unauthorized intercompany loans and occasionally using corporate funds to pay off his personal gambling debts. Eventually all of his business ventures failed, his companies defaulted, and federal agents launched an investigation. Peterson was indicted on thirteen criminal counts—bank fraud, making false statements to banks, money laundering, and …
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