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Received a Subpoena to Testify: What Should You Do?

If you’re ever find yourself in trouble with the police or FBI, you may receive a subpoena  for business records or to testify. Typically, a Judge or Magistrate issues a subpoena after a request by a prosecutor. After the subpoena has been issued, it can be served in person or, in some cases, via email […]

Received a Subpoena for Business Records: What You Should Do?

If your business is party to a legal matter, you may receive a subpoena for business records. A subpoena duces tecum — or a subpoena for documents — requires you to submit requested paperwork in your possession that is relevant to the case in question.  A subpoena is an Order of Court and should never […]

Motion to Suppress Evidence in Chicago

A criminal defense attorney can make a motion to suppress evidence from a trial for several reasons. In most cases, the attorney may believe that the evidence was collected illegally by police or that it violates a defendant’s rights in some way. If you’ve been charged with a crime, your attorney may submit a motion […]

Eyewitness Identification Expert Testimony at Trial Leads to Not Guilty

Eyewitness Identification Expert Dr. Geoffrey R. Loftus is a Professor at the University of Washington in  Seattle.  For 50 years, Dr. Loftus has been studying human perception and memory.  On January 24, 2017, Dr. Loftus flew to Chicago to testify as an eyewitness identification expert in a trial at the 26th Street court house in Chicago.  Chicago criminal lawyer Michael J. […]

IP Address Linked to a Residence Is Enough to Search

Jesse Featherly challenges the denial of his motion to quash the search warrant that led to the discovery of child pornography on his computer. Featherly was living in a trailer park in Wisconsin when an agent in Oklahoma discovered that Featherly’s Internet-service account was being used to share files containing child pornography. An Agent applied for a […]

Health Care Workers Barred By Felony Convictions Can Now File For License With IDFPR

A new Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”) state law taking effect in January will make it easier for previously barred health care workers and first-time applicants with felony convictions to once again become eligible for an Illinois license. Effective January 2017, previously barred health care workers and applicants with criminal convictions may once […]

Warrants, Illegal Searches and the “Third Party Doctrine”

Someone used the email address to contact a Vietnamese website in an attempt to buy sassafras oil—a chemical that can be used to make the illegal drug known as ecstasy.   A key step in the investigation was learning that Caira was the person behind the address. The DEA made that discovery by issuing […]